From the small family business Finestreta we want to do our bit to make the world a fairer place. When you buy your Finestreta, besides enjoying a garment designed and created with love, you are collaborating with some of the NGOs to which Finestreta Solidària contributes.

Càritas Diocesana de Menorca

Every month we contribute a small part of our sales to buy packs of COINGA milk so that Càritas Menorca can distribute them among the most needy people.

Per la Mar Viva

Another small part of our sales go to Per La Mar Viva, so that they can continue with their projects to clean up and fight against plastics in the sea and, especially, in our esteemed Mediterranean.

Mallorca Missionera

At the end of each season, we send our garments with small defects in the designs or colour flaws to missions in Latin America, where they are distributed to the people. It is a pleasure to receive photographs of children and adults wearing our garments, it feeds our souls.

Apart from these main collaborations, we also allocate garments and resources to other specific solidarity projects. We believe it is the right thing to do.